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Musical force of nature, Bibi McGill, electrifies audiences with melodic, driving, emotionally moving, and spiritually elevating live performance and DJ'd sets. Dubbed by Rolling Stones Magazine as a “Zen Master, hippie, rock goddess who can seriously shred," Bibi is a phenomenon. She is considered one of the greatest rock guitarists alive. Bibi served as Beyonce’s lead guitarist and musical director for almost a decade, leading the ten-piece all female band that literally rocked the world. She has graced stages in over 100 countries, including two performances at the White House, with legendary solos at the 2013 Superbowl and the Glastonbury Music Festival.

As producer and DJ, Bibi's vast musical knowledge amplifies her heartfelt devotion to the healing power of music in luscious, buoyant, can't-sit-down sets that sculpt epic sound journeys. Her blend of Hypnotic, Glitch, Bass, World and Mantra music inspire dance-floor revelations at music festivals around the world. She has DJ'd alongside The Polish Ambassador, Lapa, ILL-ESHa, CloZee, and The Human Experience. Other collaborations include Kirtan artists Shantala, Karnamrita Dasi, Tina Malia, Simrit Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh, The Hanumen and Gurunam Singh. As guitarist, live performer, DJ & producer, Bibi brings a musical apothecary of gifts, blended with a deft touch to deliver musically thrilling, vibrationally healing, dance floor medicine from the heart.

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Bibi as being a...

“Zen Master, hippie, rock goddess who can seriously shred.” Bibi’s ferocity combined with her luminescent spiritual influence coalesce into an emotionally moving, driving, ethereal, “Bibi McGill Experience”.

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